GlobalTrend Awards STATUETTE

The custom-designed GlobalTrend statuettes are handcrafted by Society Awards, the design and production company that created statuettes for such prestigious awards programs as Golden Globes, Video Music Awards, Clios, American Music Awards, Muse Creative Awards, Vega Digital Awards, and GlobalTrend Awards.

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The GlobalTrend statuette is designed to pay tribute to ascending levels of achievement in the digital arts. The GlobalTrend Awards are named for these levels of success, with each level inspiring the next. Together, they celebrate the very best in the video industry, and each is engraved with the details of the winning entry and the name of the artist being honored.

At the highest level, the golden GlobalTrend Triumph is named for achievement that soars above the rest, and is reserved for the very finest work that inspires others while claiming its place at the top. Next, for Second Place winners, we present the silver GlobalTrend Ascent Award, which signifies tremendous ability on the rise. Finally, the shimmering, rose-gold GlobalTrend Quest is available to Third Place winners, and represents our encouragement of creativity that deserves strong encouragement.

Winning entries may purchase the Triumph (first place), the Ascent (second place), and the Quest (third place), as a lasting memento of their achievement. Winners may also purchase a Winner's Package, which includes both a statuette and a commemorative certificate. This nominal purchase price allows us to maintain low entry fees for participants of all sizes and budgets, and to welcome students to compete at no charge other than a one-time, $30 administrative fee. Additional statuettes and certificates may also be purchased to honor contributing team members.

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